In case of booking in advance, you can order a relaxing massage RELAX:

Massage for 1 person:

  • 60 minutes (or for the same price a massage for 2 people 30 minutes in a row) = 1.090,- CZK
  • 90 minutes (or for the same price massage of 2 persons in a row according to the agreed time) = 1.590,- CZK

Massages for 2 persons:

  • Couple massage 60 minutes (couple massage at the same time, 2 massage therapists) = 2.180,- CZK
  • Couple massage 90 minutes (couple massage at the same time, 2 massage therapist) = 3.180,- CZK
  • We consider massages as an additional service for you, and we would like you to feel really great with us
  • The above price is for the massage, this massage takes place during your zone rental.
  • The massage is always at the end of the rental so that you don't go to the hot tub afterwards, only to the shower
  • In case you have your own massage therapist, you can arrange it for yourself or for you to have a massage in our spa, we will prepare a massage couch for you, the extra price will be 390,- CZK according to the price list as for another person

Relaxing massage RELAX

  • Relax massages are made to regenerate not only the physical but also the mental strength of a person
  • It is suitable for clients of all ages
  • The massage technique can help with pain, tension of stiff and aching muscles, helps to stimulate blood circulation, lymphatic system and eliminate toxic substances from the body, but most importantly enhances the overall pleasant feeling and atmosphere of the stay.
  • We use only natural oils

Hot Stone Massage

  • A unique and luxurious massage technique whose history goes back far into the past.
  • It is based on an effective combination of the action of heat, the healing energetic power of stones placed on key points of the body and the effect of essential oils.
  • The massage uses rounded, smooth, worked lava stones heated in a water bath to a temperature of approximately 40° to 50°C.
  • The actual massage technique is very pleasant, the body is perfectly warmed and relaxed. The massage itself stimulates the blood circulation, helps to detoxify the body, eliminate stress, relieve rheumatic pains and induce a feeling of perfect relaxation, which persists for several days after the massage.

Booking of massages

Booking a massage is only possible in advance via the reception number +420 777 711 322.

Ordering a massage is possible for registered clients without prior payment in advance.

For clients who are not registered in our system, the reception may require a deductible deposit of 400 CZK for booking a massage or up to the full price of the massage according to the reception.

You can pay online via the PayPal link or by making a deposit to our Fio Bank account (on this bank number- 2001595869/2010 (IBAN: CZ8620100000002001595869, BIC/SWIFT: FIOBCZPPXXX). Please bear in mind that the amount needs to be credited to our bank account at least a day before your visit. Such a procedure is necessary since we need to book the masseuse or our personal for your visit.

The amount paid in advance will, of course, be deducted from the total price of the visit.